One of the most important steps in creating the legal document that is a will is finding a will lawyer in Elizabeth NJ that can help you create one. When you die without a will, this means that the state is going to determine who the heirs will be. This could mean that who gets an inheritance and other assets may not be who you want. 

If you are new to the will-making process, you may not know what needs to go into one. A lawyer can help you determine what is needed and help you make sure it is worded correctly. If you are curious about what is important to have in a will, read on. 

What Should You Include in Your Will?

It is important to know that a will won’t cover everything and you need other documents to meet all your needs. However, here are the most important things you need to put in your will. 

Personal Information 

When you go to create a will, you’re going to need and include basic personal information about yourself. This will contain things like your full name, birth date, and your current address. It is often helpful to list any other names that go by and you should also include the names of your spouse and family members and the relationship to you. 

Testamentary Intent 

It might seem obvious, but your will must contain proper legal language that declares the document is in fact a will and not something else. A lawyer can help you through this step and make sure your wording is as clear and concise as possible. The most common way to state that the document is a will is something like this, my last will and testament, but it can be anything that shows your intent to pass along property after your death. Your will won’t be valid without testamentary intent. 

Assets and Beneficiaries 

 The major components of your will are what assets you want to bequeath and who should get them. You can give away things like money, personal belongings, high-value assets, and even real estate property. You can also include who’s going to take care of your pets and things of that nature.

The beneficiary of a will can be a family member, friend, charity, business, or even a trust. It is also a good decision to include a contingent beneficiary in your will to receive the assets when the primary beneficiary is dead or unable to receive it. You should also take extra care to name certain beneficiaries like your civil partner, as in some states, they may not have the legal right to inherit anything because they are not your next of kin. 

If you’re unsure of who to name as a beneficiary, talk to your lawyer to determine who would be the best fit for you. This part of the process can take time, as you also have to make sure the beneficiary has time.

If you are creating a will, then talking to a will lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, like one from Wade Suthard, P.C., is a great step as you can ask questions and get answers easily.