Elizabeth, NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

Elizabeth, NJ Personal Injury LawyerAn Elizabeth, NJ personal injury lawyer you can count on knows that when you want to know what is important regarding a personal injury case, you will need to learn about negligence. When you go forward with almost any type of personal injury lawsuit, you should know that the very structure of the case will be built on determining negligence. This is important because if no negligence was found with the other party, that means they were not the one who is at fault for your injuries. Thus, when you are filing a claim against someone else, you will be relying on showing that the other person acted negligently and caused you to become injured in some way. 

Showing That There is a Duty of Care

Your personal injury lawyer in Elizabeth, New Jersey will begin by showing that the defendant owed you a duty of care. Thus, if you became injured while on a golf course because the defendant was driving a golf cart and ran into you, you will want to show that they owed you a duty of care. In this situation, that would mean the defendant, like any other reasonable person on a golf course, should know how to properly operate a golf cart before getting behind the wheel, was not distracted while driving, and knew that they were not supposed to harm other people while they were driving. Similarly, if someone is on the road and driving in a car, they owe everyone else the same legal duty to make sure they are driving their car in a safe manner and obeying the law. If they injure you while driving because they are being negligent, that is a breach of this duty. 

What’s next in a personal injury case?

After you establish that there was a duty of care owed, you will want to show that the defendant was the person who violated this duty of care by doing something wrong or by failing to do something altogether. When your attorney establishes that there was a breach in this duty, they will also need to show that you suffered from some type of personal injury. Without an injury, you will not have a case for a personal injury lawsuit. 

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