Automobile & Truck Accidents

As a motor vehicle accident victim, you may be overwhelmed and suffering from emotional, physical, and financial harm. Your recovery should be your number one priority. Let a motor vehicle accident lawyer focus on the justice system so you can make strides toward returning to the life you led before your injury.

Monetary compensation for damages sustained in your accident cannot change the past. But it can help reduce your anxiety about medical bills, your rehabilitation, your employment, and your future.

Getting compensated after a motor vehicle accident may seem as simple as filing a claim with the insurance company. Sadly, that rarely turns out to be true. Getting the compensation you need and deserve typically requires substantial effort.

How Can a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Help Me?

An experienced car accident lawyer can assist you in securing a full financial recovery. An attorney can help by:

  • Investigating your accident and seeking to recover the evidence necessary to build legal arguments that prove your claim.
  • Working with medical providers and other highly qualified experts to show how the other driver’s actions caused your accident. Experts help establish the extent of your compensable damages as well.
  • Filing your legal claim with and aggressively negotiating for fair and full financial compensation
  • Preparing your case for court or trial, if it becomes necessary

Maximizing Compensation 

As a general rule, motor vehicle operators on the road owe others a duty to safely operate their vehicles. When a motorist drives unsafely and causes a crash, that person or party may be held responsible for any harm equipment, long-term care, and additional out-of-pocket costs related to your treatment, including: 

Lost wages: Covers the financial loss for the time away from work while recovering from your injuries

Lost earning potential: Covers the financial loss if you cannot return to your job due to your damages 

Loss of enjoyment or quality of life: Covers you if your life is altered by the anguish, embarrassment, or depression caused by any disability, disfigurement, or inability to participate in activities you previously enjoyed

Pain and suffering: Covers the physical and emotional distress brought about by your injuries.

Loss of consortium:  Covers your spouse for losing your companionship and contribution to your partnership or family.

Other: You may also be eligible for compensation for additional out-of-pocket expenses you incur due to your injuries. For instance, cleaning services or lawn maintenance services may need to be paid for if you cannot do those tasks yourself.

To recover the maximum monetary award of damages, turn to an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney. You need competent and compassionate legal representation on your side. A car and truck accident attorney can help to ensure you receive the maximum financial recovery in your case.

Don’t delay in seeking legal representation. Many states have a statute of limitations, and if you miss the deadline, you can no longer file a lawsuit. Contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer in your local area today to schedule a consultation to learn your options.