Slip and Fall Law Firm Elizabeth, NJ

Slip and Fall Law Firm Elizabeth, NJAfter you have been in a slip and fall accident, you are likely looking for a slip and fall law firm Elizabeth, NJ residents can rely on for their personal injury cases. We understand that it happens to everyone: you’re at a restaurant or out with friends and you might slip or trip and fall. While it can be embarrassing, sometimes it might be your fault for tripping over your own two feet. However, slipping and injuring yourself is not always your fault and it may be the fault of someone who was acting negligently. Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries that can lead to permanent or long-term damage, so it is important that you take these types of accidents seriously and work with an attorney who can show how someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. This is the best approach to take when you want to get the compensation you deserve. 

What can an Elizabeth, New Jersey slip and fall law firm do for me after an accident?

Although you may be recovering from serious injuries after an accident, that does not necessarily mean things will go smoothly with the other person. In fact, when you were injured on someone else’s property, you want to make sure you have the evidence necessary to win compensation. A slip and fall attorney can help show that the other person is liable for your injuries. It is imperative to show that you were not the one who caused the slip and fall to happen. Instead, the property owner may have left loose cords or cables lying around, not fixed a damaged floor when they were supposed to, or allowed broken lights to remain unfixed. These are all examples of liability issues. 

Do I have to go to court for a slip and fall accident?

Certainly not. It is possible to avoid court altogether if you and the defendant decide that mediation is the best process. When this is the case, your attorney and the defendant’s attorney will begin coming up with a settlement that both parties can agree to. If you can work something out, then you can avoid court while still getting compensated for your injuries. 

Get the Right Help For Your Claim

When it comes to a slip and fall claim, you want to make sure you have the right attorney on your side. Contact The Law Office of Wade Suthard, P.C. to speak with an attorney from a trusted Elizabeth, NJ slip and fall law firm.