Lyft Accident Lawyer Elizabeth, NJ

Lyft Accident Lawyer Elizabeth, NJ


If you have been injured in a rideshare accident involving Lyft, please call a Lyft accident lawyer Elizabeth, NJ residents trust today. Accidents can take many shapes and forms, depending on who is involved. If you were in a collision that, in any way, involved a Lyft driver, you will likely encounter unique complications that can overwhelm and confuse you. Hiring an Elizabeth, NJ Lyft accident lawyer is highly recommended. 

Examples of Lyft Accidents

You Were a Passenger of a Lyft Car

Naturally, you, as a Lyft passenger, have a right to expect the driver to follow all traffic laws and rules. If your driver failed to do so, and a collision resulted, you can recover compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. These losses may be available through your insurance policy, the driver’s, or Lyft’s. 

You Were a Passenger of a Lyft Car, But Hit By Another Car

If you were in a Lyft while it was struck by another car, legal action may also be possible. You can recover compensation from their insurance company, or when applicable, Lyft’s insurance company.  As a Lyft accident lawyer in Elizabeth, NJ might explain, the Lyft driver does not always have to be responsible for the accident in order to recover compensation. 

You Were a Driver Struck By a Lyft Driver

If you are the driver of another car who was hit by a Lyft driver, you will likely be able to recover compensation from the Lyft driver’s policy first, and then from Lyft’s own policy. This is often necessary when the Lyft driver’s policy does not cover enough of the losses. 

A Pedestrian Hit by Lyft Driver

This is one of the most catastrophic types of accidents. Depending on the circumstances, your Elizabeth, NJ Lyft accident lawyer might recommend that you file a claim against the Lyft driver or the company. Before anything can be done, the right of way laws will need to be established. A lawyer can help you to understand the applicable laws, and how to go about a personal injury claim. 

What Information You Should Collect After an Accident

If possible, before you leave the scene of the accident, we would recommend that you collect the following information:

  • The name of the driver, their address, and phone number
  • The driver’s insurance information
  • The Lyft insurance policy details
  • Any other contact information from another driver or third party
  • Any contact information for witnesses
  • You should also take photos of the scene and get medical attention
  • If you are a Lyft passenger, get a photo or screenshot of the Lyft ride

Rideshare accidents are complex, and can be life changing. By calling a Lyft accident lawyer in Elizabeth, NJ, you can feel confident in knowing you have taken the first step towards compensation. The Law Office of Wade Suthard, P.C., is ready to help you. Call our firm today to schedule a case review and consultation with a leading Elizabeth, New Jersey Lyft accident lawyer. Call The Law Office of Wade Suthard, P.C.