Lyft Accident Lawyers Elizabeth, NJ Lyft Accident Lawyer Elizabeth, NJ

Our Lyft accident lawyer Elizabeth, NJ, depends on will tell you that as an accident victim, you have every right to receive damages for an accident caused by another. Focusing on your health and recovery will be your priority, which is why having The Law Office of Wade Suthard, P.C., manage the legalities may be in your best interest. To ensure that you receive the damages you are entitled, we have provided you with the following tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Contact Law Enforcement 

Contacting law enforcement at the scene of an accident will be critical for several reasons. When the police arrive, they will secure everyone’s safety and ensure that emergency medical services are called. Law enforcement will investigate the scene, interview all involved, and identify who was at fault for the accident. Even if you do not believe that anyone was injured, law enforcement and the police report that is produced can be critical in the event victims pursue legal action for damages.  

Tip #2: Do Not Call Another Rideshare

If you are a passenger, our Lyft accident lawyer in Elizabeth, NJ, knows that it may be tempting to call another rideshare to take you to your final destination. After all, you may be thinking that this accident shouldn’t be something you should have to deal with. However, that could be far from the truth. While injuries may not be present at first, you may notice signs of an injury over time. Staying at the scene of the accident helps prove your claim, should it be necessary. 

Tip #3: Gather Evidence

When an accident victim has suffered damages, they may have the ability to pursue compensation. However, the plaintiff holds the burden of proof, meaning that you must provide evidence that proves the other party was liable for the accident. Helpful evidence may include:

  • Medical Documentation
  • Photographs/Videos
  • Police Reports
  • Proof that You were a Lyft Passenger
  • Eyewitness Information
  • +More

Tip #4: Seek Medical Care

When an accident has occurred, medical care will be critical. Not only does medical care provide key evidence should you pursue litigation, but it will also ensure you receive the needed medical care. While some injuries may be obvious, you may not even realize you have been injured until much later in some situations. Some underlying conditions can be severe, and if left untreated, can be fatal.  

Tip #5: Consider an Experienced Lawyer

Following a rideshare accident that resulted in injuries, victims deserve the opportunity to experience optimal recovery. Pursuing a legal case can be time-consuming and even stressful. There can be a lot riding on a successful outcome, which is why victims should set themselves up with an experienced law firm to help take the lead. At our firm, we will put your case first, so that you can focus on your recovery. 

The Law Office of Wade Suthard, P.C., can provide you with the legal representation you deserve. Accident victims should never be left to face the physical pain and financial loss that can occur following an accident on their own. Our team provides victims with premier legal services aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes. Start today by contacting our experienced Lyft accident lawyer, proudly serving Elizabeth, New Jersey.